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Sending contracts and collecting eSignatures

Sign contracts and other documents with B12's eSignatures tool

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You and your clients can sign contracts/documents directly from a secure link. There are no monthly limits on the number of documents you can send or eSignatures you can collect.

  1. Dashboard > eSignatures

  2. Click on the purple "+ New Document" in the upper right corner to start a blank document. If you prefer to create a document template to be able to send out repeatedly, you will want to follow these steps: Create a Template.

  3. Enter the document name.

  4. Select signatories.

    1. Your contact information will display automatically

    2. Select a contact via search or by adding a new contact

  5. Upload a pdf document. Optionally, you can add a Signer PIN.

    Note: The Signer PIN is a way to make sure your document is secure. Add a layer of security by requiring all parties to enter a code before viewing and signing your document. To communicate the PIN, we would recommend sharing it with your client by phone (most secure) or text.

  6. Next steps functionality helps you customize and control what happens after your client performs a certain action on your website, such as signing a document.

    1. You can customize the Success message after submission field.

    2. Select a Next step of your choosing. Here are the five options available in the dropdown.

      1. None - stay on the same page and only display the success message. Note: This action is not recommended for this tool.

      2. Complete a form - go to the selected form.

      3. Schedule an appointment - go to the selected scheduling form

      4. Make a payment - go the the selected checkout page

      5. Redirect to another page - go to the specified section / page / URL / media. This is selected by default.

    3. Make sure to provide next step details by specifying the target such as Add form / Add scheduling form / Add payment details / Add redirect.

      1. For this example, we will select Make a payment since this is a common next step after a client signs a document.

      2. Select the payment template from the list or create a payment template by clicking Add new payment template.Then click Save.

    4. After the appropriate details have been selected (for this example, the Payment details), it displays in the interface.

  7. After all of the required information is added, the Generate document button will be enabled. Click the Generate document button when you are sure that all of the information is accurate so you can mark up the document.

  8. To mark up the document with fields like signature fields, and date fields, use the interface on the right side to select the party (in green or blue) and then drag the field you’d like to add.

  9. You can move and resize fields after you drag them onto the document.

  10. You can also set certain fields as required or not required by clicking on the Required checkbox on the top left corner of the document.

  11. When you are ready to send the document, click the Send button on the top right corner.

  12. The document will display in your eSignatures dashboard with the status of Sent.

  13. After sending the document, both you and the other party will receive emails from Eversign, our trusted eSignature provider, linking to the document for you and the other party to sign.

    1. You will receive email notifications when the other party opens the document and signs the document.

    2. Once the document is signed by both parties, you will both receive an email with a pdf of the signed document.

  14. The document’s status will change to Signed.

If you have any questions about eSignatures or any of our other Client Engagement tools, feel free to reach out to us at with your questions!

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