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Are my changes saved automatically?
Are my changes saved automatically?

How do I save changes I make inside of my editor?

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Are my changes saved automatically?

All changes you make in the B12 Editor are automatically saved as you make them. You can log out or exit the B12 Editor or lose internet connection without having to click a save button, and when you return your changes will be there.

These changes will only exist inside of your editor, and will not appear on your live website unless you publish the site.

Can I revert to an old version of my B12 site?

Your B12 Editor also creates snapshots of your site once every 30 minutes while you're making changes inside the editor. This means if you ever make a mistake that can't be easily undone, you will never lose more than 30 minutes of work should you choose to revert back to an older snapshot.

To make use of the History snapshot tool, you'll want to take a look at our Restoring Your Website article.

If you have additional questions about how your site saves changes, feel free to reach out to us via, and we'll be happy to answer them!

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