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Can I Download My B12 Site?
Can I Download My B12 Site?

I want to maintain a local backup of my B12 site in case anything ever goes wrong with the site.

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Currently, we don't have a way to download a local backup of your B12 site. However, B12 does utilize a number of AWS features to ensure the security, durability, and redundancy of your site's data.

Firstly, changes made to your B12 site are stored automatically as you make them, which means an accidental close of your browser or loss of power won't result in more than a few moments of lost work.

We also make use of Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) platform for hosting, which ensures an extremely high data durability rate by copying data across a number of systems. S3 boasts a data durability of 99.999999999%, meaning if you were to store 10,000,000 objects on your site, you can on average expect to incur a loss of only a single object once every 10,000 years.

In nearly real-time, we replicate this already extremely durable data to other geographically-distant cloud storage locations in order to provide a high level of data redundancy, which would allow us to recover from climate disruptions, mistakes, or malicious attackers.

We also automatically create snapshots of your B12 site at regular intervals during use that can be reverted back to in the event that you ever want to restore an old version of your B12 site. You can learn more about doing this from within your B12 Editor by reading this article from our Support Center.

Due to these factors, the chances of significant permanent loss of your site's data is an extremely unlikely event. Your site is very safe from data loss, and we take great care to ensure that safety.

If you have any follow up questions, please feel free to reach out to us via, and we'll be happy to provide as much detail and clarity as we can.

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