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Editing the text and image that appear when sharing your website on social media.
Editing the text and image that appear when sharing your website on social media.

Learn how to edit your website's OG tags to change the link preview on social media sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Each page on your website has metadata associated with it that tells external resources about that page. Open Graph (OG) tags are a specific type of metadata that are most often used when sharing a link on social media platforms, like Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as through communication/messenger apps, like iMessage or Slack. The OG Title, Description, and Media are often visible as a small preview of your link on these platforms.

To customize a page's link preview, you can edit the Open Graph Tags by following these steps:

1. Click Website, then Pages, then select the page, blog post, service, or team member page you would like to update from the list.

Important: Your Home page OG tags determine what is seen when sharing your domain name only (example:

2. In the left editing pane, scroll to the very bottom until you see the Metadata or Search engine optimization section and click the box below.

3. Scroll down to Open Graph Tags and edit the Page Open Graph title and Page Open Graph description fields.

4. Set a preview image for your page by clicking Choose from library below Page Open Graph media. Select the image you would like to use in your page's preview.

5. Click Publish to update these changes on your website.

For more information about page metadata and how it is used, see this article.

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