Go to domains.google.com and log into your account.

  • Look for the domain name that you want to change the DNS settings for.
  • Click on DNS
  • Scroll down until you see the section titled Custom Resource Records.

For the A record, 

  • Edit the A Record for the host named "@". It might also be labeled "yourdomain.com".  
  • Key in B12's IPv4 address: as the destination for the A Record.
  • Save the A Record by clicking Add.

For the CNAME,

You need to add a CNAME for the host www.

  • First, type www in the first box on the left.
  • Next, open the drop down menu and select CNAME.
  • Then, type dns.b12.io in the address field.
  • Finally, click Add.
  •  (Note: If a CNAME for www already exists, simply edit the existing record's address to point to dns.b12.io)

The two records you just added should look like this:

Now, return to the B12 website editor to add your domain name to the Domains list and Publish the website.

  • Log in to the website editor at www.b12.io.
  • On the left-side menu, click Domains. The Domains panel will open on the right.
  • Click the plus button (+) on the top-right of the Custom domain(s) list.
  • Type your domain in the field that appears. You must include www before your domain name. (e.g.: www.google.com, instead of just google.com).
  • Click Save
  • Click the 'X' on the top right of the Domains window to close it
  • Click purple Publish button in the upper-right corner of the website editor to publish the live website to your domain.

If you need some help, you can send an email to hello@b12.io

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