If you purchased your domain from one of these domain registrars, click for specific instructions:

Step 1 - Generate your DNS Records

1. Log in to the B12 Editor

2.  Click Publish in the top corner and click OK. This opens a new tab in your browser. Let this tab finish loading (it’s ok if it loads an error page) and then exit the tab.

3. Refresh the B12 Editor. 

4. Click Domains.

5. Click Connect existing domain.

6. Enter your domain, starting with www.

7. Click Save changes.

8. Click the domain you just connected.

9. Check the Make this my primary domain box if you want this domain considered your official domain by search engines.

10. Click View setup instructions

11. Copy the CNAME value beneath Set the CNAME record (for www.domain.com) to.

Step 2 - Edit your Domain's Records in your Domain Registrar 

1. In a new tab, log in to your domain registrar (you can check Whois.com to find out who your domain registrar is).

2. Find your domain in your account. 

3. Find your domain's records. Every domain registrar is different, but the records can be found under the following terms: Manage DNS, DNS Zone Editor, Control Panel, DNS Settings, Host Records, etc. 

4. Delete any existing A Records with the name @ or yourdomain.com. Delete any CNAMEs with the name www.

5. Add an A Record with these values:

  • Set the Host Name or Name to @ (if @ doesn't work, set it to your domain name, formatted as yourdomain.com) 
  • Set Points to or Value to
  • If you see TTL, set it to 1 Hour

6. Add a CNAME with these values:

  • Set the Host Name or Name to www (if www doesn't work, set it to your domain name, formatted as www.yourdomain.com)
  • In Points to or Value paste the CNAME value you copied from the B12 Editor.
  • If you see TTL, set it to 1 Hour

7. Click Save if there is a Save button.

8. Return to the B12 Editor. 

9. Click ← Back twice to get to the Home Menu. 

10. Click Publish and OK.

Your B12 website should go live on your custom domain within 48 hours!

Each domain registrar formats domain records differently. Below are two examples of different formats:

Editing your DNS settings can be tricky, so email hello@b12.io for additional assistance, or take a screenshot of the Domain Setup Instructions in the B12 Editor and email it to your domain registrar's customer support team.

Once your custom domain is connected, you can use B12's email forwarding feature to set up custom email addresses.

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