Do you want to update your website? Let us do it for you!

  • Once your website goes live, staying updated and responsive to your customers is key. We want to help you grow your website alongside your business. 

  • An updated website will retain customers, attract more visitors, and convert those visitors into customers. 

  • Let your design team know when you need updates or support — big or small.

Request an update

1. Log in to the B12 Editor. Can't log in? Find out why

2. Click Request an update

3. Enter the details of your request by clicking on a part of your website to create a change request.

  • Enter your basic request in the Request field.

  • You can include additional details in the Description field.

  • You can also upload any relevant attachments, such as images or PDFs.

4. For requests that don't relate to specific areas on your site, you can enter those in the What are your general thoughts? field.

5. Important: Check I understand that I will be billed $75/hour. 

Am I billed automatically?

  • No: If your account is out of credit, we will email you a quote before billing you or starting work. 

  • No: If your account has credit but we estimate the update will take over an hour, we will email you a quote before billing you or starting work. 

  • Yes: If your account has enough credits for the update, and we estimate the update will take under 1 hour, we will go ahead and assign your update to a designer. 

6. Click Submit.

7. Click OK

Submit your feedback

Forgot to include something in your update request? You received a website preview and have feedback for the designer? 

Click Give more feedback

For additional help, email 😃

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