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Installing a Facebook Pixel on your Website

Use Facebook's analytics tool on your B12 website

Written by Jay Douglas

To install a Facebook pixel on your website, you need to create and copy the Facebook pixel code and then paste it into your B12 website's Head HTML.

1. Create the Facebook pixel.

2. Copy the Facebook pixel code. The code should look similar to this image:

Step 2 - Paste the Facebook pixel code into your website's Head HTML

  1. From your B12 Dashboard, click Website then go to Settings

  2. Next to Sitewide integrations, click Add new.

  3. Choose Facebook Pixel.

  4. Paste your integration code in the Code box.


  5. Click Add integration.


  6. Click Publish to update your live website with your changes.

If you have any trouble, check out the
Facebook pixel helper, or email hello@b12.io to ask us to check your Facebook pixel installation.