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Organizing your blog posts
Organizing your blog posts

Use tags to organize your blog feed and help your visitors find the information they are looking for.

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Now that you’ve created your Blog Feed and added your first blog post, let’s learn more about how you can keep your Blog Feed organized. 

We use a tagging feature to help you sort your posts. With our tags, you can have broad categories, such as Knitting and Crocheting, and also sort using multiple categories to define items further, such as a dropdown menu for different clothing types, such as Sweaters, Pants and Hats.

Step 1: Select the blog post you want to tag in your Blog Feed.

Step 2: Add tags! 

 If you’d like to use categories and sort further, the format to tag is Category: Item. For example, if you wanted to sort a blog post about how to knit a sweater, you would tag 1) Knitting and 2) Clothing type: Sweater

This automatically creates dropdown menus for your categories. As you can see, if you don’t specify which category a tag should go in once you have added categories, it automatically goes into General, like Knitting did. 

Tags are a great way to keep your blog posts organized and help your customers find what they may be looking for. Let’s learn about customizing your blog posts further next.

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