Many section layouts that display a collection of items can be adjusted to show more or less items on each row. Follow these instructions to change the number of columns in your photo gallery or other collection.

1. Edit the section containing your collection.

This can be any group of items, such as a Photo or Video gallery, Services or Products overview, or Team members section.

2. In the left pane, click Grid & dimensions.

3. Click the Columns dropdown and choose the desired number of columns for your collection.

4. Your collection grid will adjust to display your items in the desired number of columns.
Note: Most layouts automatically display collections in a single column on mobile devices for the best browsing experience.


  • Choose Flex to display all items in one row on larger screens.

  • To adjust the position of items in rows with less items than the number of columns (example 2 photos on a row in a 3 column gallery), click Alignment, then choose a Component grid alignment setting.

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