Customizing your section layout
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Here is a brief introduction to the main section options you may have available. Keep in mind that different types of sections will have a unique set of options.

Most Common Settings

Alignment - Align a section's content left, right, or center.

Background - Style your background image.

Buttons & links - Change button size, hide or show certain buttons, or choose button behavior.

Grid & dimensions - Adjust the width of your content and the number of columns.

Images - Change images' shapes, sizes, hover style, and coloring.

Order & positioning - Change the order of content in that section.

Section accents - Add section features like padding, borders, skew, and dividers.

Contact Sections

Contact details - Hide contact information like hours, location, map, phone number.

Forms - Hide or show form labels, placeholder text, field separators, and more!

Social media icons - Choose your social icon appearance and hover animations.

Special Features

Lightbox - Adjust the color scheme and layout of the lightbox (pop-up/modal)

Slider - Adjust carousel options like scrolling speed, autoplay, toggles, and more!

Flipping cards - Set the options for your flipping cards, like animation effects, alignment, border, and more!

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