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B12’s 30% Off Winter Sale FAQs
B12’s 30% Off Winter Sale FAQs

Did you want to purchase an annual subscription to B12 and have questions?

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The below addresses some common questions about this limited time promotion:

1. How long is this offer available?

This offer is only available for a limited time and will expire at 11:59:59 PM ET on December 22, 2022.

2. I already have an annual subscription to B12, but now I see that there is a sale. Can I cancel my plan so I can purchase a new one during the sale?

B12 does not offer refunds for canceled plans. Our cancellation and refund policy are outlined in our Terms of Service.

3. Can I renew my existing yearly plan during the sale using the sale discount?

No, the offer is only valid for a first year purchase. You can't apply the sale discount towards the renewal of an existing plan.

4. Can I receive the discount when I upgrade my existing monthly plan to an annual plan?

No, the offer is only valid for new customers who purchase a new annual plan and does not apply to existing monthly subscribers. If you’d like to discuss upgrade options, please contact us at and we can assist you.

5. Can I receive the discount when I purchase a monthly B12 plan?

No, the discount is not applicable on the purchase of monthly B12 plans.

6. If I purchase a B12 annual plan during the promotion and receive the 30% discount, will it renew at that discounted price?

The 30% discount is available for your first year of subscription only. Subsequent years will renew with a 15% discount when compared to paying month-to-month.

7. Can I purchase an annual plan during the offer period and start using it at a later date?

No, any B12 plan purchased takes effect the moment you purchase it. It cannot be deferred. If you’ve opted to work with B12’s design, copywriting and launch experts, they will work with you to determine the best timeline to launch your site; however, your subscription is activated immediately after you purchase.

8. Is this discount only available on select plans?

No. The 30% savings on your first year of an annual plan applies to all B12 plans and packages.

9. I’m thinking about getting B12 to help me with my site copywriting, design, and launch. If I take advantage of the 30% discount on my annual subscription, does it also apply to any one-time service/set-up fees?

No. Set up fees and subscription costs are priced separately. If you’re considering using B12 services to help with design, copy, and launch of your site, you can schedule a time to speak with one of our consultants regarding package and pricing options by booking time here.

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