Are my changes saved automatically? 

Changes you make in the B12 Editor are automatically saved. You can log out or exit the B12 Editor without having to click a save button, and when you return your changes will be there. Remember, the changes will not be on your live website unless you publish.

Restoring your website to a past version

If you have made some changes that you regret and it's too much work to fix them individually, you can restore your website to a past version. 

Versions are automatically created every 30 minutes. If you restore to a past version, your website will appear exactly as it did at that particular time.

How to restore your website

1. Click History in the Home Menu.

2. Find the past version you want to restore to by date and time.

3. Click Restore

4. Click OK. Remember, all changes you made after this date and time will be undone!

Your website preview in your B12 Editor will now appear exactly as it did at the date and time you selected. 

If you aren't sure about restoring your website, email for additional help. 

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