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How to send a test email using B12 Email Marketing
How to send a test email using B12 Email Marketing

Double-check your emails by sending a test

Written by Katelyn Gray
Updated over a week ago

We strongly recommend that you send a test email before actually sending your email to any contacts. 

Once you finish customizing your email’s sections and style, click Continue to go to the Setup step. In the Basic information section, you’ll see a dropdown under the From email address field. Select the email address you want to display to recipients, then click Review once you’re ready to review and send your test. 

If you haven’t yet set up a custom email address, you’ll see an empty text field that precedes a pre-filled field. Use the blank text field to type in your custom email’s local-part, which is the part of an email address that comes before the @. Here are some common local-part examples for business domains:

  • your-first-name

  • your-full-name

  • your-business-name

In the Review step, click Send a test email. A modal window will appear that lets you type in one or more email addresses that you’d like to receive a test email. Use a comma to separate each email address, then click Send test email.

If you like the way your test email looks, you’re ready to officially send it! Read more about how to send an email with B12 Email Marketing.

If you have any questions, contact your dedicated customer success team member or email support at

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