B12’s Contact Manager makes it simple to send emails to your contacts, whether you want to inform them that your website is live or that you’ve launched a new product. 

Email Marketing is located in the website editor under “Your business”. Click “Add email” to start the process of composing and sending an email. 

You can take advantage of B12’s collection of pre-written emails for various occasions, including welcome, event announcement, survey request, and more. You can also start from scratch by selecting “Blank email.” After you’ve selected a template, click “Customize” to start personalizing it. Read more about customizing your emails, including what each customization field means.

We strongly recommend that you send a test email before actually sending your email to any contacts. Once you’ve customized your email and sent a test email, you’re ready to officially send it out! Carefully review the contacts you’ve chosen to email, then hit “Send email now”.

If you have any questions, contact your dedicated customer success team member or email support at hello@b12.io.

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