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Editing email design with B12 Email Marketing
Editing email design with B12 Email Marketing

Customize sections and style

Written by Katelyn Gray
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An advantage of sending your emails using B12 Email Marketing is that emails reflect the look and feel of your website, which legitimizes your business and keeps everything cohesive. These aspects of your website that are reflected in your email templates:

  • Fonts (primary and secondary)

  • Font styles:

  • Font weights (normal, bold, etc.)

  • Text transforms (e.g., all caps)

  • Font sizes

  • Colors

  • Button colors

  • Link colors

  • Buttons

  • Button style (solid or outline)

  • Button border

  • Button border radius

You can customize an email’s text, images, and appearance under each section of the email (found under “Sections”), including header, card 1, and footer. 

  • In the header section, you can add/edit your brand logo, brand name, and the title of the email. 

  • In the card 1 section, you can add/edit the image, heading, body text, and call-to-action link.

  • In the footer section, you can add/edit footer text and your social media links.

You can customize the style of each section, including logo, fonts, colors, and buttons (found under “Style”).

Why can't I edit the font family for my emails?

Email providers can only display fonts that are guaranteed to be installed on everyone's computers. If your website uses a font that email providers don't offer, the font in your email will revert to a common font that everyone has.

Read more about how to edit an email’s basic information, including how your email address appears, the subject line, preview text, and more. 

If you have any questions, contact your dedicated customer success team member or email support at

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