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Composing and sending automated emails with B12 Email Marketing

Automated emails let visitors know that you received their message.

Written by Katelyn Gray

B12 Email Marketing makes it easy to automatically send emails to visitors who submit a form on your website. Once a visitor submits a form, such as a contact form or newsletter signup form, they’ll automatically receive an email confirming their submission. Additionally, you’ll receive an email alerting you to a new form submission.

Setting up an automated email isn’t much different from setting up a one-time email. To get started, scroll down the B12 Editor’s left pane and click on Email marketing, located under Your business

Click Create email.

Under Template, scroll down and select the Welcome email or Blank email, then click Customize to personalize your email’s text, photo, and call to action.

You can customize the email’s text, images, and appearance under Sections and Style. When you’re done personalizing your email, click Continue.

At the Setup step, scroll down to Settings, where you’ll select Automated email

Under Settings, you’ll also see a dropdown with a list of your website’s forms and their page placement. Select the form(s) to associate with this automated email and trigger an email after submission (e.g., when a visitor submits a contact form), then click Review

Once you’ve sent a test email to confirm your email looks and sounds the way you want, click Enable automation, and then confirm by clicking Yes, enable automation.

Now your visitors will automatically receive a confirmation email when they submit a form on your site! 🎉 

To see all of your enabled automated emails, click Email marketing (under Your business in the B12 Editor), and then click Automated

If you have any questions, email support at hello@b12.io.