Add specific questions or fields to your contact form so that you have all the information you need from your customers.

1. In the B12 Editor, click the contact form you want to customize.

2. Click Form Details

Tip: Rename the form under Title to stay organized.

Add a field

1. Click Add fields.

2. Select a Field type. Below are examples of every field type you can add. 

The new field is added to the bottom of the form by default. You can change the order of the fields.

3. Click the new field in the left-hand Edit Panel to edit the following:

  • Field label.

  • Placeholder text.

  • Select if it is Required or not. 

Delete a field

1. Click the field you want to delete in the left-hand Edit Panel. 

2. Click Remove field.

File uploads

If you want visitors to upload files through your website, for example, a resume in a job application form, we suggest you create a custom form using a third-party like JotForm or Typeform, and then embed it in your website

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