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How to complete your customer details form

Send content and aesthetic preferences to your Launch Specialist before your kickoff screen share.

Written by Jay Douglas

Before your kickoff screen share, we like to collect your content and business information, as well as design preferences, so that we understand what you're looking for and can make the most of your screen share. This typically takes 15-20 minutes.

1. Go to b12.io/dashboard and log in.

If you don't know your account password, click Forgot password and reset it! Be sure to use the email address where you received your welcome email from B12.

2. Click the Get Started button to open up your form.

3. Go through each of the tabs ("Content", "Design", "Functionality", and "Review") to complete your customer details form.

  • Content: This is where you can include more business information, add your logo, and send any other photos or text for each page for your site.

  • Design: Give us feedback on the AI Draft, and let us know any other websites you like.

  • Functionality: Confirm the integrations you'd like on your site, and note the domain you'd like to use (e.g., www.domain.com).

  • Review: Our software checks for anything you might have missed; fill this out, and you're done!

Questions? Email hello@b12.io.