There are a variety of reasons you may be receiving a red warning banner when logging into your B12 Editor. The reasons include:

We encountered an issue billing your account.

This issue is likely caused by an inability to charge your current card on file. As a first step to resolve this issue, you'll want to take a look at our Updating My Credit Card article.

If the issue remains unresolved after following the steps in the article, please reach out to us for further assistance via

Your website has been disconnected.

If you're receiving this error, it's likely that we were unable to charge your card on file for an extended period of time, and needed to disconnect your site as a result.

The fastest way to resolve this issue will be to reach out to us via so that we can help get your account live again as soon as possible!

We need more information to complete your SEO setup.

To resolve this error, your best bet will be to set up a call with one of our SEO experts so that we can complete your site's SEO setup!

To schedule a call with a member of the team, please see our SEO Expert Scheduling page.

Your launch process is not complete.

If you're receiving this error, you'll want to touch base with us so that we can get your launch back on track!

Please reach out to us via at your earliest convenience so that we can help get your site live and running as soon as possible!

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