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Sending reminder emails for your B12 invoices
Sending reminder emails for your B12 invoices

Set up reminder emails to remind your clients to pay an outstanding invoice

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B12 Invoicing offers a number of different ways to remind your clients of outstanding invoices. If an invoice is unpaid, your client will receive the following automated reminder emails:

  • A reminder the day before the invoice is due

  • An overdue reminder the day after the invoice is due

To send an additional reminder email follow these instructions:

  1. From the main menu on your B12 Dashboard, select Payments and Invoicing under Your business.

  2. On the right, click the three dots next to the invoice in the Actions column and click Send reminder. You can customize the reminder email, and then click Send email.

To continue learning about the B12 Invoicing tool, read our Getting Started guide.

If you need help setting up reminder emails or have any additional questions, email

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