Export invoice records
In just a few clicks, export invoices to create a CSV file you can upload to your accounting software or send to your bookkeeper
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With invoice export, in just a few clicks you can create a CSV file of relevant invoicing and payment information, automatically formatted for importing into Quickbooks and easily readable by your accountant or bookkeeper.

Export invoices to a CSV file

  1. From your B12 dashboard, click Payments & Invoicing.

  2. To download all invoices to a CSV file, click Export invoices. To download a specific set of invoices, you can filter by search term, type, and/or date before clicking the Export invoices button.

The CSV file can now be shared with your accountant or bookkeeper. Read on for instructions to import the CSV file you just created into Quickbooks.

Import the CSV file into Quickbooks

  1. In Quickbooks, go to Settings βš™ and click Import data.

  2. Click Invoices.

  3. Click Browse and then find and select the CSV file containing your invoices. If your file contains new customers, check the Add new customers to Quickbooks box.

  4. Click Next. The following screens allow you to customize the data you import and select tax options. When done, click Complete import. Your invoices are now in Quickbooks!

If you have any questions, reach out to our Support Team at hello@b12.io.

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