*Please proceed with caution. These instructions are for users with advanced knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code only.
Editing HTML and JavaScript code can cause errors and customizing section code may keep your website from updating to new versions in the future.
If you make any unwanted changes, you can restore your site to a previous version by following these instructions.

1. Enable expert mode

2. Under Pages, select the page, then select section you would like to access.

3. In the left pane below the Change layout button, click the text customize it manually.

4. In the layout tree that appears, click the corresponding component under a column.
(The corresponding component will have a different title.)

5. Click Customize this component

6. The Component HTML box will open. Review or edit the code as needed.
Tips: Click the Wrap text option in the bottom right to see all lines' information.
Consider copying the original code into a text editing program like Notepad or TextEdit to use as a backup or reference easily.

8. Click Save after making any changes and your code should take effect and be visible in the website editor.

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