For more information about how noindex meta tags work, read Google's guidance in this article.

1. From the main menu, click Website, then Settings.

2. Next to Sitewide integrations, Click Add new.

3. Choose Head tag as the integration type.

4. Enter the following code into the Code box:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Optional: Give your Integration a Title to help identify it later (example: noindex tag).

5. Choose Selected pages under Display on..., and select any pages you would like to hide from search engine results.

6. Click Add Integration.

Be sure to Publish so that your changes update on your live website!

If your page has already been indexed by Google, it will take some time for the tag to be found by Google's crawlers. Read more about removing pages from Google's index here.

Want to keep a page even more protected by requiring a password to view it? Follow these instructions instead.

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