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Why is my marketing email under review?

An explanation of why some emails you send are reviewed

Written by Adam Marcus

Sometimes, an email you send via Email Marketing will be placed in review:

In accordance with B12's terms of service, you should not use B12 for nefarious purposes (e.g., fraud, impersonation, and abuse, among other disallowed practices). For Email Marketing, this most commonly surfaces as spam, phishing, or abusive emails.

To help prevent such content, your emails will sometimes be placed into a review queue to be automatically sent after a B12 team member reviews them. This most commonly happens when you have recently purchased access to Email Marketing, but might happen for other reasons as well. With time and as you send more compliant emails, you should generally see your emails requiring less or no review.

If your email is marked as in review, there is no action necessary. Your email will be sent as soon as it is reviewed within 3-5 business days. If you have any questions or details to share with B12, reach out for support.