What is a domain?

A domain is where your website can be found online, e.g. Youtube's domain is www.youtube.com, or B12's domain is www.b12.io.

B12 websites have a default domain that ends in .b12sites.com, but it's best to have a custom domain, such as www.mybusinessname.com. Custom domains look professional, are memorable, and help build your brand identity.

How do I get a custom domain?

Connect an existing custom domain: 

Buy a custom domain:

Domains typically cost around $12/year. 

  • You can buy a domain from a domain registrar, such as GoDaddy or Google domains.
  • Some domain registrars will encourage you to buy extra features, such as SSL certificates or website hosting. These might not be necessary, so feel free to double check by emailing hello@b12.io.
  • Once you buy the domain, you can connect it to your B12 website. Check the bottom of this article for instructions for specific domain registrars.

B12 will buy a custom domain for you:

Instructions for publishing your website by domain registrar:


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