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Domains and your B12 website
Domains and your B12 website

Custom Domains and B12 Domains

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What is a domain?

A domain is where your website can be found online, e.g. Youtube's domain is, or B12's domain is

B12 websites have a default domain that ends in, but it's best to have a custom domain, such as Custom domains look professional, are memorable, and help build your brand identity.

How do I get a custom domain?

Connect an existing custom domain: 

Buy a custom domain:

Domains typically cost around $15-$50/year, depending on their value. (Premium domains may cost much more.)

  • You can buy a domain from a domain registrar, such as GoDaddy or Google domains.

  • Some domain registrars will encourage you to buy extra features, such as SSL certificates or website hosting. These might not be necessary, so feel free to double-check by emailing

  • Once you buy the domain, you can connect it to your B12 website. Check the bottom of this article for instructions for specific domain registrars.

B12 will buy a custom domain for you:

Instructions for publishing your website by domain registrar:


*Domain purchases are subject to availability and pricing exclusions. Our support team can help you indentify domains that can be purchased on your behalf.

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