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Adding code to the Head HTML
Adding code to the Head HTML

The Head HTML is where you can paste code like Google Tag Manager or HotJar

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The Head HTML is where you integrate HTML code that is not visible on your website, such as Google Tag Manager, HotJar, or a Facebook Pixel. To integrate HTML that should be visible on your website (e.g. Calendly), add the HTML as a section on your website.

  1. From your B12 Dashboard, click Website then go to Settings.

  2. Next to Sitewide integrations, click Add new.

  3. Choose the Head tag option.
    Tip: Choose the Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel option for those specific integrations.

  4. Paste your integration code in the Code box.

  5. Optional Settings: Give your integration a title or choose the pages where your code should be displayed.

  6. Click Add integration.

  7. Click Publish to update your live website with your changes.

Note: You must publish your website for the new code to take effect. 

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