A favicon is an image or small icon (often a logo) associated with a particular website. This icon makes your website identifiable on bookmarks/favorites bars or when a user has multiple tabs open. Plus, it makes your site look more professional!

Here are the steps to add or change your website's favicon.

1. From the B12 Editor home screen, click Global, then select Website metadata.

2. Under the SEO metadata section, click Choose from library below Favicon.

3. Choose your image from the library or upload a new one by clicking Upload media. Once you choose your image, click Continue, then Save to update the changes.

4. Make sure to click the purple Publish button in the top right of your screen to update these changes on your website!


  • Try using a simple image or icon with little or no text.

  • Images with square dimensions usually look best!

  • You can use http://www.favicon-generator.org/ to generate a favicon if you don’t have one!

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