If you do not already have a blog, B12 offers a Blog feature through the website editor!

Q: Why should I blog?

Whether you are a lifestyle website, a consulting firm, a dog-walking company, or anything in between, you could probably benefit from a blog on your website: 

  • Search engines love fresh new content: Your website doesn’t get updated often once you are live, but a steady blog with new posts periodically will boost your rankings, as search engines are always looking for the most 

  • Customers are more likely to convert if they connect with you: A personal blog will reflect your unique personality and character, and establish rapport with your customers. Interesting anecdotes and fresh ideas will keep customers on your website longer, increasing the likelihood they take a Call to Action on your website. 

Q: How do I start?

You can get started with an initial blog feed and blog post by following these instructions.

Q: How do I add new blog posts?

Once you create your blog feed, you can add a new blog post by following these instructions.

If you have any questions, email hello@b12.io and we are happy to help you get started! 

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