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All about adding new blog posts to your B12 Blog Feed

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By the end of this how-to article, you will have added a new blog post to your Blog Feed.

Note: In order to add new blog posts, you should already have a Blog Feed. Add a Blog Feed to your website.

View our short video tutorial and follow along with the steps below.

Step 1: Find your Blog feed and click Add new blog post

Tip: Your Blog feed section is typically on your Blog or Blog Feed page.

Step 2: Update the fields with your blog post content 

*** If you click to add an Author, you will need to click on the words "Add CMS" after adding the name to get back to this panel.

Step 3: Click Add item to add your blog post to the Blog Feed. 

Step 4: Manage blog post SEO

  • Select the blog post you want to update in the Blog Feed, and then click Go to blog post

  • By default, your blog posts will display the general SEO for your website. If you’d like, you can update the SEO for the specific post (AKA the page title + description which will show up in search engine results) in the section titled Search engine optimization.

  • Remember, you can update the SEO for any page of your website, or update the general SEO that displays for your website overall! Learn more about managing website SEO.

And that’s it! You have successfully added a new blog post to your Blog Feed

Tip: Before you Publish your new blog post to your live domain, make sure to Preview your site and double-check everything looks good! Keep in mind, if you have any other unpublished changes, these will all go live at the same time.


What if I need to hide a blog post? 

  • Select the blog post you wish to hide from the Blog Feed, and toggle Hide or Show in the Visibility section of the editor. 

How do I share this blog post?

  • Now that your blog is posted, you can share this post across your website and more!

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