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What is the Contact Manager?
What is the Contact Manager?
Learn more about B12's Contact Manager tool
Written by Katelyn Gray
Updated over a week ago

Contact Manager is only available on a Professional plan and only users with Client access can view it.

B12’s Contact Manager allows you to manage your contacts, messages, and forms in a single place. The Contact Manager is located in the website editor on your main dashboard.

The Contact Manager will automatically collect and organize every person who shares their contact information with you, whether they reach out via email, a form on your website, or chat. You can click on an individual contact to review your past interactions, forms they’ve submitted, or their basic information. 

When your contacts and their corresponding interactions are in one place, it’s easier to reach a particular contact or group of contacts quickly. Use the Contact Manager’s search tool to quickly locate the individual(s) you want to reach or browse all of your contacts by scrolling through the “All Contacts” table.

To get started, import your contacts from an email account or spreadsheet, or add them manually one by one.

If you have questions or need help getting started, contact the B12 customer success team.

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