Giving B12 delegate access to your GoDaddy account lets us change your domain's settings without you sharing your password or other secure information.

Step 1 - Email B12

1. Email and include the following: 

  • Reason for granting delegate access. (Help me connect my domain, setup a custom email address, etc.) 

  • Email address (the email address you use to log in to GoDaddy)

  • Domain name

Step 2 - Open the email from GoDaddy to confirm access

1. You will receive an email from GoDaddy that says B12 Unlimited Labs is requesting access to your GoDaddy account.  

3. Open the email and click Log In & Grant Access.

4. Log in to your GoDaddy account.

5. Click Confirm Access

6. Email to tell us you have confirmed delegate access. 

Learn more about GoDaddy delegate access.

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