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Connecting your Domain
Publishing your Website on a Wix Domain
Publishing your Website on a Wix Domain

Connect your B12 website to your Wix domain

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Note: You might be paying Wix unnecessarily as website hosting is included in every B12 subscription. Contact to learn more.

Step 1 - Add your domain to your B12 account

1. Log in to the B12 Editor.

2. From the Home menu, click Domains.

3. If this is your first domain, click Get Started.

If you've added a domain previously, click Add domain.

4. Enter your domain, starting with www.

  • Check the Make this my primary domain box if you want this domain considered your official domain by search engines. We accomplish this by automatically adding a canonical tag to all pages of your website pointing to your primary domain.

  • Check Enable email sending for this domain if you want to be able to send emails through B12, but you are using another email service to receive emails. See more information here.

  • Check Enable email forwarding for this domain if you would like to create a custom email address. See more information here.

5. Click Sync domain.

6. Copy the CNAME Record Value by clicking the Copy button next to it.
Note: Your CNAME Value will end in

Keep this tab open so you can reference these values, if needed, and finish your domain setup.

Step 2 - Edit your DNS records in Wix 

1. In a new tab, log into Wix

2. Click Manage Domain.

3. Click Advanced.

4. Click Edit DNS.

5. Delete any existing A Records with the Host Name @. Delete any CNAMEs with the Host Name www.

6. Add an A Record with these values:

  • Set the Host Name to your domain name (formatted as

  • Set Points to to

  • Set TTL to 1 Hour

7. Add a CNAME with these values:

  • Set the Host Name to www. + your domain name (formatted as

  • In Points to paste the CNAME value you copied from the B12 Editor

  • Set TTL to 1 Hour. 

8. Click Save DNS. Your DNS settings should look something like this, but with your domain name where it says "".

9. Return to the B12 Editor and click Check status.

If your records were added correctly, each record will show as Connected with a green light within a few minutes to a few hours.

10. Click Publish or Save.

Note: It may take a few hours for your Domain to show as Connected in the Editor, and it may take 24-48 hours for your B12 website to appear on your domain.

If you need help, please reach out to our Support Team through our live chat option or through email at

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