B12 Link Types

Links come in many forms in your B12 website!

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Page or section

  • Select Page or section to link to an existing page or section in your B12 website.

  • You can select the page or section from the drop-down under Links to, or you can search for it by name.

  • Sections are indicated by the Page name followed by | and the section name. Links to sections will scroll visitors directly to that spot on the page.
    Example: Home | Menu overview section takes visitors to the Menu overview section on the Home page.

  • To link to a page only, choose an option without | Section name.


  • Select the Item type from the drop-down: Blog post, Team member, Service, or Product

  • Select the individual blog post or team member from the drop-down under Links to, or you can search for it by name.

External website URL

  • Select External website URL to link to page on someone else's website, such as an online news article or a third-party service. 

  • Copy the URL from the page you want to link, and paste it under Links to

Media file

  • Select Media file to link to a PDF or audio file. 

  • Under Links to, click Choose from library and then Upload media to upload the PDF or audio file.

Email address and Phone number

  • Select Email address or Phone number so that visitors can email or call you directly from your website.


  • Select Nowhere to create a link that cannot be clicked. 

  • Nowhere is typically selected if you want to create a drop-down menu.

Tip: Check the Open in a new tab box when linking to External website URLs or Media files to make it easier for visitors to return to your website. 

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