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Editing, activating, and disabling your automated emails

Make changes to your automated emails in seconds.

Written by Katelyn Gray

To see all of your active automated emails, click Email marketing (under Your business in the B12 Editor), then click Automated

You can easily edit enabled automated emails without disrupting the automation. To make changes to an enabled automated email, click the pencil icon next to the email you want to edit. 

A confirmation message will appear. Click Yes, edit email

Make the changes you’d like, send a test email, and then when you’re happy with the updated email, click Enable automation and then Yes, enable automation. Your updated version will replace the enabled version of this email that you're currently using.

Drafts of automated emails will live in your Drafts list (Your business > Email marketing > Drafts) and Automated list (Your business > Email marketing > Automated).

To disable an automated email, click the pause icon next to that email, and then click Yes, disable automated email

Once you’ve disabled an automated email, it will continue to display in your Automated list.  

To activate an automated email, click the play icon next to that email.

If you have any questions, email support at hello@b12.io