What Happens If You Leave B12

Thinking of leaving? Here are your next steps.

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So you're considering leaving B12, but are unsure of what that means for your business and website. Let's tackle some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Can I Take My Website With Me?

Because our sites are unique and built to work within our AI-integrated platform, other website hosting platforms will not be able to use B12's website code. However, you can download any assets you've uploaded to the B12 Editor from your Content library.

Is My Website Still Live On The Internet If I Cancel My Subscription?
B12 is only able to host websites for customers with an active subscription. Part of your monthly subscription cost goes directly to hosting your site each month - without that subscription, we are unable to host your site on the Internet.

Can I Still Access My Editor Once I Cancel?

No, you will no longer have access to the B12 Editor if you cancel your account, but you can regain access if you re-activate your account. If you're interested in regaining access to your account or reactivating your website back, please reach out to our team via hello@b12.io!

Do I Own My Domain?
Yes, you own your domain name! Whether we purchased it for you when you came to B12, or you already had a domain when you signed up, you absolutely own your domain.

If you came to B12 with a domain, then that domain currently resides with your domain host (GoDaddy, Bluehost, Squarespace, etc.). If we had purchased it on your behalf and you never requested that we transfer it to you, then it likely still resides in our domain hosting account.

We're happy to transfer the domain to you at any time, whether you're an active customer, in the process of canceling, or have already canceled. If you would like us to transfer your domain to you, feel free to reach out to hello@b12.io.

Can I Keep My Email Address If I Cancel?
If you came to B12 with a custom email address already, then your custom email address will continue to function as normal once you've canceled your B12 account.

If you set up an email forwarding address using B12, then these email addresses will stop functioning upon cancellation of your B12 account.

What Should I Do Before Leaving?

  • Have a new website provider ready before canceling your B12 site. By being able to switch immediately from one live site to the next, you prevent downtime of your site. Downtime is a major metric for search engines - by pointing your domain from one live site to another, you avoid taking that hit in search engine performance.

  • Download crucial pieces of site content. Once your account is closed, you won't be able to access the editor to download old assets. We suggest logging in to your editor and browsing your Media library to make sure there's nothing else you would like to take with you.

How Can I Reactivate My Account

We're always happy to see a returning face! If you would like to reactivate your account, then the best way to do so is to reach out to us via hello@b12.io. We'll respond to your message as soon as we can!

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