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Launch your B12 website (Do it yourself)
Launch yourself: Getting started step by step
Launch yourself: Getting started step by step

A set of links that walks you through the B12 Editor so you can learn how to make changes yourself and publish your website.

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I. Familiarize yourself with the B12 Editor and your website:
Read Introductory Article

II. Edit your website's content

1. Edit text: Read article

2. Replace Images: Read article

3. Edit Buttons/Links: Read article

4. Change a section's layout: Read article

5. Move a section to another page: Read article

6. Edit specific section types/collection items:

III. Add New Content to Your Website

1. Add a new section to a page: Read article

2. Add a new page to your site: Read article

3. Add a navigation link: Read article
Add a drop-down menu: Read article

4. Duplicate a section or page: Read article

5. Add a blog feed or new blog post: Read article

6. Add an integration: Read article

IV. Customize Section Layouts

1. Edit section options: Read article

2. Change image size and shape: **Coming Soon**

3. Reorder or sort collection items: **Coming Soon**

4. Change the number of columns in a gallery or collection: Read article

V. Customize Your Website's Style

1. Change your Theme: Read article

2. Change your colors: Read article

3. Change your fonts: Read article

4. Change your button style: Read article

5. Add custom CSS code (for advanced users): Read article

VI. Global (site-wide) Options

1. Add a favicon: Read article

2. Add a GDPR-compliant cookies notification: Read article

3. Add an exit intent pop-up: Read article

4. Add an announcement banner: Read article

5. Email addresses:

6. Add URL redirects (for advanced users): Read article

VII. History: Restore your website to undo changes
Read article

๐Ÿš€Ready to Launch?๐Ÿš€

VIII. Publish your website on your custom domain!

1. Get ready to launch: Read article

2. Connect your domain: Read article

IX. Analytics & SEO

1. Edit page metadata: Read article

2. View your site performance analytics: Read article

X. Your Business Tools

XI. Working with B12/How to Get Support

1. Manage your account

2. How to get support

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