Changing a Background Image or Video

How to add or change the background media for a section.

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You can add a background image or video to any section in your website! Learn how to upload your own photos/videos or choose from thousands of stock photos in the B12 Editor.

1. Select the section that you want to edit. 

2. In the left pane, click Replace in the Background media field, just below the small image of your current background.
Note: To remove your current background, click the ⓧ in the top right corner.

3. Select an existing image or video from your library or upload your own.

  • To use an image that is already on your site, scroll through your library and click the image that you'd like to use, then click Continue.
    Note: Videos have a small camera icon in the lower right corner.

  • To use a stock image from B12's built-in link to Unplash, click Search, search for an image by keyword, select an image, then click Continue.

Background Media Tips:

  • Images/videos that are not busy (fewer details and colors, less contrast, etc.) work best as backgrounds. This way your section text will be easy to read.

  • Choose an image that will look good on multiple screen sizes. Background images need to be able to adapt to different screen sizes and dimensions. On desktop screens, your image may be shown in landscape orientation, while on mobile screens your image may be shown in portrait orientation.
    If the focus of your image is toward the center of the frame, it will look great on mobile and desktop screens!

  • We don't recommend adding background images with text on them. For SEO reasons and to make sure your site is fully responsive and accessible, all text should be added to the appropriate text field in your section.

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