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Using the B12 Editor
Previewing and publishing your website
Previewing and publishing your website

When to preview and when to publish

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To edit your website, click Website, then Pages from the left pane of your Dashboard.

In the top corner of the B12 Editor are two buttons: Preview and Publish.


Click Preview to create a version of your website that is hidden from public view. This version is called your staging site, which will open in a new tab.

Why should you preview?

  • To see how your changes will look without committing to publishing them to your live website.

  • To create a shareable preview link you can send to colleagues and friends to get their opinion on your changes.

  • If a B12 Design Expert works on your website, they will send you a preview link so you can provide your feedback.

Once you're happy with your preview, it's time to publish!


Click Publish and then click OK to put the changes you've made in the B12 Editor on to your live website. 

When you click Publish, you will see the domain(s) where visitors can find your website online. Every B12 website has a backup domain that ends in

It's best you have a custom domain, e.g., because it looks professional and is great for your brand identity. 

Learn more about connecting a custom domain to your B12 website, or email your questions to

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