Step 1 - Add your domain to your B12 account

1. Log in to the B12 Editor

2. (Skip this step if you're not ready to publish your site yet)
Click Publish in the top corner and click OK. This opens a new tab in your browser. Let this tab finish loading (it’s ok if it loads an error page) and then close the tab.

3. From the Editor home screen, click Domains.

4. Click Add domain.

5. Enter your domain, starting with www.

  • Optional: Check the Make this my primary domain box if you want this domain considered your official domain by search engines.

  • Optional: Check Enable email forwarding for this domain if you would like to create a custom email address. See more information here.

6. Click Continue.

7. Copy the CNAME Record Value by clicking the Copy button next to it.
Note: Your CNAME Value will end in

Keep this tab open so you can reference these values, if needed, and finish your domain setup.

Step 2 - Edit your Domain's Records in Google Domains 

1. In a new tab, log in to

2. Find the domain you want to connect to your website and click Manage

3. Click DNS along the left menu.

4. Click Manage custom records.

5. Delete any existing A Records with a blank Host name by clicking the trashcan icon.
Delete any CNAMEs with the Host name www.

6. Click Create new record at the bottom. Add an A Record with these values:

  • Leave the Host name field blank.

  • Set the Type to A

  • Leave TTL as the default value

  • Set Data to

7. Click Create new record again and add a CNAME with these values:

  • Set the Host name to www

  • Set the Type to CNAME

  • Leave TTL as the default value, usually 3600

  • In Data paste the CNAME value you copied from the B12 Editor.

The records should look like this:

8. Click Save.

9. Return to the B12 Editor and click Continue, then click Complete.

Note: It may take a few hours for your Domain to show as Connected in the Editor, and it may take 24-48 hours for your B12 website to appear on your domain.

If you need help, please reach out to our Support Team at

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