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Everything you need to know about integrations & embed codes

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Q: What's an integration?

An integration allows you to embed a third party directly onto your website. We highly recommend integrations, because they can increase your efficiency, sales, and web traffic.

For example, instead of linking to your Facebook, integrate it onto your website! Rather than taking your hard-earned customer traffic over to Facebook, customers will stay on your site, increasing your likelihood of making a conversion (a sale, a scheduled meeting, a newsletter signup, etc.). 

Q: Can I integrate using the design suite?

Adding an integration into the design suite is simple, but you need the embed code. Once you have the embed code, follow these steps to add your integration using the design suite. 

Q: What’s an embed code?

To integrate your third party application onto your new B12 site, we need an embed code from you. This line of code corresponds to your account data, which is private to you. Note that we cannot take embed codes from pre-existing websites for this reason; we need you to access your private account data, get the embed code, and send it to us. 

Q: How do I get my embed code?

For a walkthrough on getting your embed code to us so we can add a third party integration into your website, find your third party below:

Social Media:







Q: What if I don't see my third party listed?

You could also see if your third party has any support articles on generating embed code. If we have an embed code, it's likely we will be able to add the integration.

Once you have the HTML/embed code for your integration, you can add it to your website yourself, or send it to and we can make that update for you. 

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