Depending on what information you require, there are several different ways to get in touch with your launch specialist.

Sending information or assets for your project after your kickoff

After your kickoff, your launch specialist sets up an interactive checklist where you can add or upload the materials required for your project to get started. Your launch specialist and team are notified when you complete your checklist.

Click to access your checklist.

Sending feedback or assets after you receive a website draft

Share feedback or any additional assets for your first or second website draft in the B12 platform. Your team will be notified once you submit feedback. Learn how to use the feedback feature.

Click to share feedback on a website draft.

Rescheduling your kickoff or feedback and activation screen share

If you can't attend your scheduled kickoff screen share or feedback and activation screen share, search your inbox for an email from Calendly confirming the meeting and click the option to reschedule. It's important you launch your website quickly, so aim to book the earliest available time slot that suits you.

Any other inquiries

For any other inquiries, reply to any emails from your launch specialist or send a new email to If you email, send the email from the email address you use to log in to B12 or include your business name and your launch specialist's name. Your email will be routed to your launch specialist promptly.


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