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How we launch customers in 30 days
How we launch customers in 30 days

An overview of the B12 launch process

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B12 combines AI technology and human teamwork to create a professional-grade website with the tools you need to run your business. So that your new website can start serving clients and climbing up search results without compromising quality, we've honed our launch process to get you up and running in under a month.

1. B12 schedules your Kickoff Screen Share

A B12 Consultant does an initial consultation to discover your business's online needs and find the right plan for you. They then schedule a 60-minute screen share and email you the Customer Details Form.

2. Select your preferences

Ahead of your Kickoff Screen Share, complete your Customer Details Form to answer more questions about your business and select some design preferences. If there are any assets you'd like to share with B12 (such as images, text, client intake forms, or integrations), save them in a folder on your computer. Read our guide on completing your Customer Details Form.

3. Attend your Kickoff Screen Share

On this 60-minute screen share (via Google Meet), you and a Launch Specialist dive deep into your business so that they can instruct a designer, copywriter, and SEO specialist on how to best represent your business online. They also gather crucial information to set up the business management tools you'll use once launched. Read our guide on how to prepare for your Kickoff Screen Share.

4. Upload your assets and info

After your kickoff, open your checklist to see what assets and info we need from you to get started. Most customers complete their checklists within 1-2 days, which keeps us on track for an efficient launch. Read our guide on how to complete your checklist.

5. Review your first draft

3-5 business days after you complete your checklist, you are asked to leave feedback on your first draft. Read our guide on how to leave feedback.

6. Attend your Feedback & Activation Screen Share

The second meeting with your Launch Specialist takes place 10 business days after your Kickoff Screen Share. The purpose of this meeting is to talk through the remaining changes that need to be made to your website, as well as show you how to use digital business tools like Online Payments and Online Scheduling.

7. Review your second draft

Changes discussed in the Feedback & Activation Screen Share are applied, and you are sent the second draft. The process for sharing feedback on this draft is the same a the first draft.

8. Launch!

"Launched" means your website is live and ready to receive visitors, and your business management tools have been set up! It's time to start running your business online.

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