Changing Website Theme, Colors, and Fonts

How to change the style of your website

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The Style Panel

You can edit your website's overall theme, color scheme, and fonts in the Style panel in your Home Menu.

Change your theme

You probably chose a theme when you first built your website, but you can switch to a different theme if you're looking to change your website's overall style.

Important: Changing your theme will overwrite any style/formatting changes you've made to your site previously, as well as any custom code.

1. Under Style, click Theme.

2. Select a theme to change the layout of your entire website.

3. If you see this warning and you're not sure if you should continue, contact our Support team for help!

Note: If you aren't happy with your new theme, you can restore a previous version of your website by following these instructions.

Change your color scheme

1. Click Colors.

2. Select a color palette.  

Change your font

1. Click Fonts.

2. Select a Font pairing. 

Enabling expert mode unlocks even more editing features, such as adding a custom color scheme or changing your font-sizes.

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