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Changing Website Theme, Colors, and Fonts

Written by Meredith

You can edit your website's overall theme, color scheme, and fonts in the Style panel in your Home Menu.

Change your theme

You probably chose a theme when you first built your website, but you can switch to a different theme if you're looking to change your website's overall style.

Important: Changing your theme will overwrite any style/formatting changes you've made to your site previously, as well as any custom code.

1. Under Style, click Theme.

2. Select a theme to change the layout of your entire website.

Note: You can also change an individual section's layout.

3. If you see this warning and you're not sure if you should continue, contact our Support team for help!

Note: If you aren't happy with your new theme, you can restore a previous version of your website by following these instructions.

Change your color scheme

1. Click Colors.

2. Select a color palette.  

Change your font

1. Click Fonts.

2. Select a Font pairing. 

Enabling expert mode unlocks even more editing features, such as adding a custom color scheme or changing your font-sizes.

If you have any questions, email hello@b12.io.