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Sharing your blog post
Sharing your blog post

Share your blogs on your website and the web at large!

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Blogging is a major tool in your marketing arsenal to drive visitors to your website. 

Step 1: Add a Blog Feed to your website

  • Visit our FAQ to learn all about adding a Blog Feed, adding new posts, organizing and customizing your blog posts, and managing blog post SEO. All of these steps will allow you to maximize the SEO for each post. 

Step 2: Share your new blog post on your site 

  • Anywhere you can add a link on your site, you can share your post! For example: Header navigation, Banners, website sections. 

Note: We use the term item here. This is another way to refer to a blog post. This also applies to other items within your site, such as products, team members, services, and team members - anything that is grouped together within a section of your website. This means you can link to any of those sections, as well! 

Step 3: Share your new blog post on social media or via email

  • To find the URL for your post, publish your site onto your primary domain.

  • Access the post from your Blog Feed, and copy the link of your post.


How do I publish my website so I can find the blog post link? 

  • Learn how to Publish your new blog post to your live domain.

  • Tip: Before you click Publish, make sure to Preview your site and double-check everything looks good!  Keep in mind, if you have any other unpublished changes, these will all go live at the same time.

I’m not sure how to add a link on my website. How do I get there? 

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