Managing Blog SEO

Updating the on-page SEO for your blog posts

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Content marketing is an affordable and highly effective way of driving clicks to your website, and blogging is one of the most common forms of content marketing! Whether you are a lifestyle website, a consulting firm, a dog-walking company, or anything in between, you could probably benefit from a blog on your website.

How does blogging affect SEO? 

  • Search engines love fresh new content: Your website doesn’t get updated often once you are live, but a steady blog with new posts periodically will boost your rankings, as search engines are always looking for the most 

  • Customers are more likely to convert if they connect with you: A blog will reflect your unique personality and character, and establish a rapport with your customers. Interesting anecdotes and fresh ideas will keep customers on your website longer, increasing the likelihood they take a call to action on your website. 

How do I add a Blog Feed to my B12 website?

Updating blog post SEO

  • You can see an individual blog post’s SEO and update this to show off your keywords for the post and your website. Learn how to update blog post SEO (Step 4).

Updating website SEO

  • Remember, you can update the SEO for any page of your website, or update the general SEO that displays for your website overall! Learn more about managing website SEO.

How do I share my blog post with others?

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