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Adding integrations to individual collection items
Adding integrations to individual collection items

Learn how to add an integration code to individual items, like products, services, or blog posts, within a section.

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Important: Your section layout must support integrations in order to display them on your site. You may need to change your section layout or add a new section to follow these instructions. When choosing a new layout, use the Filter dropdown to choose from layouts that support integrations.

1. In the section where you plan to add your integration code, click Add new [collection item].
(collection item examples: Products, Services, Menu items)

2. Enter important information for your item, like a title, description, or image.

3. Click the Integration field.

Tip: If you do not see an integration field for your collection item, click show additional fields under Other and choose Integration from the dropdown.

4. Paste your integration code in the Code box and click Add item.

4. Enter any additional information for your item and click Add item again.

Your new item and integration will be added to your section!

Note: Your integration may not appear until you Preview or Publish your website.

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