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Editing a Services or Products Section
Editing a Services or Products Section

Learn how to edit and add new services to your services section.

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If you don't have a Services page or section yet, follow these instructions to add a new page or section to your site!

Tip: If you have a Services page, you can find it by typing Services in the search bar above Pages.

Choose your Services section to edit it

To edit your Services, click your Services or Services overview section from the list in the Left Pane
or click Edit section in the Right Pane.

Edit your section text

Add a new service

1. In the Left pane, click Add new service

2. Enter the information you'd like to include about this service.
Note: All section layouts do not display all of the information in these fields in the same way. See below to change your services section to a different layout.

  • Title: Enter the name of your new service.

  • Short Description (optional): This is a brief explanation of your service which can be displayed in full in your services section. If you leave this field blank, you services section will usually display a limited preview of the Description field.

  • Description: Enter a longer description of your service. This field often appears in a lightbox/modal/pop-up.

  • Photo: Click Choose from Library to add a photo to represent your service.

  • Price: Enter pricing information for your service. Some layouts do not show this field, so if you'd like it to be displayed

  • Link: You can use this field to add a button or link to your service where visitors can learn more or contact you. Some layouts do not show this field.
    See these instructions to edit the behavior of your link/button.

  • Job Title: Enter your team member's position/job title, which typically displays below their name.

3. Click Add item to add your new service to your section.

Edit an existing Service

1. Select the Service you'd like to edit by clicking on it in the list.

2. Click the corresponding field to update your service's information.
(See above for information about each field.)

  • To change the Photo, click the Replace button and select or upload a new image. Then click Continue.

Remove a Service

To remove a service from your section, just click the next to the item in your list of services.
Tip: You can add this service back later by clicking Add existing service!

Change your Services section layout

You can display Services in a row/grid or a carousel, change the position of the text, add a lightbox pop-up, and more!

Follow these instructions to change your Services section layout.

Tip: Customize your section grid by changing the number of columns.

See these instructions to learn more about customizing your layout.


  • Change the size of your images

  • Customize your CTA links or buttons

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