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Adding Online Scheduling to your website
Adding Online Scheduling to your website

Confirming your time zone, connecting your calendar, setting availability blocks, adding appointment types, and adding scheduling forms.

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B12 offers an online scheduling feature, which can be added and configured within the B12 Editor.

  • Adding Online Scheduling directly to your website can be quick and easy, and something worth considering to allow your client the ease and efficiency of scheduling an appointment directly on your website.

  • When you integrate scheduling directly into your website, the scheduling interface matches your website aesthetic and keeps your website visitors on your website longer, increasing the likelihood that they will schedule an appointment.

  • Once your website is live, visitors to your website can schedule an appointment by filling out the form and selecting an available time slot via your Scheduling page.

  • You and your visitor who fills out the form, will both receive email confirmations. The appointment will also be displayed in the availability calendar view.

  • However, at this time, if you would like customers to be able to schedule multiple services, to schedule with multiple team members, or to make payments, follow these instructions to get set up with Calendly.

To start, log in to the B12 Editor. If you are having trouble logging in, you can follow these instructions.

Confirming your time zone

B12 auto-detects your time zone but we recommend double-checking your time zone settings.

  1. Dashboard > Your business > Scheduling

  2. Click Settings to view your calendar’s time zone. If you need to change your timezone, select it from the dropdown.

Connecting your calendar

This feature is only available for Standard or Premium plan holders.

Connecting and synchronizing your calendar to the online scheduling tool will ensure that prospects or clients can accurately schedule appointments with you.

Follow these detailed instructions to connect your calendar.

Setting your availability

Setting your availability by adding availability blocks gives you finer-grain control over when a client can schedule an appointment with you. For example, you may prefer to accept appointments only in the afternoon.

Follow these detailed instructions to set up your availability blocks.

Adding appointment types

Appointment types allow you to set up appointments with different characteristics, such as time length, buffers, and location. When you set up a scheduling form or scheduling page, a specific appointment type will need to be associated with it.

Follow these detailed instructions to add appointment types.

Adding an appointment field to a form or a scheduling page

After you have confirmed your time zone, connected your calendar, set your availability blocks, and added appointment types, you are ready to add a scheduling field to a form on your website or a scheduling page.

Follow these detailed instructions to add an appointment field to a form or a scheduling page.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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