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Common questions about using B12 Scheduling

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Q: What is Scheduling?

Scheduling is a feature that allows someone to book time with you or your team through a form on your website. To enable scheduling, you'll need to follow the steps in our guide to adding online scheduling to your website.

Q: Can I sync Scheduling to my personal calendar?

Depending on your plan, you can sync your personal calendar with the Scheduling tool. This means appointments scheduled through your website will appear on your personal calendar, and clients won't be able to schedule times when you're busy.

If you are using the multi-user scheduling feature, team members who have access to Client Engagement tools can also sync their personal calendars. Learn how to set up multi-user scheduling.

Q: Which personal calendars sync with Scheduling?

Currently, you can sync the following calendars:

  • Google

  • Outlook

  • Exchange

  • Office 365

Q: Where can clients schedule with me?

Clients schedule with you through a form on a page on your website. Depending on how you work with clients, you can either have a scheduling page prominently linked in a button and/or navigation link so it's discoverable by any visitors, or you can create a standalone page that you can send to clients via email or text.

Q: What happens when a client schedules an appointment with me?

When a client schedules an appointment, you and your client are notified in the following ways:

  • You receive an email from Team B12 with the subject "Yay, another form submission!". This email contains the information your client submitted via the form, including the appointment date and time.

  • Your client receives an email from Team B12 with the subject, "Your appointment is booked", and confirms their appointment at the requested date and time. The email also includes a link to a page where they can cancel the appointment.

  • The appointment appears on your and your client's personal calendars.

  • The form submission is stored in the Contact Manager.

Q: What happens if a client reschedules or cancels an appointment?

You and your client are notified via email if they reschedule or cancel an appointment. The appointment's new status is also reflected on your personal calendars.

Q: Can I customize Scheduling?

Yes! The following features are customizable.

Scheduling > Settings:

  • Availability: set your availability so clients only book appointments when you want them to

  • Time zone

Scheduling > Appointment types:

  • The duration of appointments (in minutes and/or hours)

  • Buffer before the appointment start time: set the minimum amount of notice you need so that you always have time to prepare for an appointment

  • Buffer between appointments: avoid back-to-back appointments by specifying how much time you need between meetings

  • Appointment location: inbound call, outbound call, video conference, or physical address

  • Maximum number of appointments per day

Q: What video conferencing platforms does Scheduling sync with?

If you set an appointment type's location to video conferencing, a link to join the virtual conference is added to the event details that appear on your and your client's personal calendars.

  • If the calendar you synced with Scheduling is a Google calendar, your virtual meeting will be a Google Meet

  • If you synced a different calendar, your virtual meeting will be hosted by 8x8

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